voter registration and turnout

In the November 2018 elections, APB Seniors supported 373 voters, 78% of whom voted. 100% of eligible APB Seniors voted.

In the June 2019 election, for Measure EE in LAUSD, students turned our 96 voters, including a 78% turnout among eligible APB Seniors.

voter education

In the November 2018 elections, 211 voters (66% of our supported voters) used our bilingual voter guide to help them vote. Seventy-one of these voters attended our Voter Education Party to learn more about ballot initiatives on the ballot.

An APB Senior works on Election Day.

An APB Senior works on Election Day.

Poll Workers

In the November 2018 elections, 40 APB seniors served 15-hour shifts as Student Poll-workers, constituting more than 30% of our senior class.

100% of these students expressed that this was a positive learning experience.


87% of students said they’re more likely to be involved in the work of Government after taking this class

79% said they talk to their families more about politics and government than they did before this class

85% of students see themselves as activists after taking this class.